NZ Flag Referendum – Red Is Better

A Personal Message From HAFU Editor, Allan Udy

Generally speaking, here at HAFU we try to remain as politically neutral as we can, preferring to concentrate on the stuff that gives us enjoyment, such as producing great aviation and vehicle videos and photos for all of you who support and follow our endeavours. Having said that, once in a blue-moon there comes along a topic about which we feel strongly, and one which we simply feel that we must say something about — in this case it’s the New Zealand Flag Referendum process.

redsilveranimI urge all of you to support the ‘Red Won Campaign’ and on-line petition to convince the New Zealand Government of the need to take a step back and change the Preferred Alternative flag to the more popular Red Silver Fern flag design instead of the Black version.

Importantly this also applies to those of you who support retaining the current New Zealand flag — do you really want to risk the situation where the Second Referendum result brings a new national flag which turns out to be a sombre and dark, blue and black design?

NZ Flag

Click here to watch the video

Red or Black – What Should It Be?

Back in August 2015 I posted this video (at right) to our online channel, and suggested that as proud Kiwis we should all get behind the Flag Referendum and ensure that it’s a valid democratic process. I didn’t try to push the Red, White and Blue Silver Fern design created by Kyle Lockwood, but as that flag option had been my preferred alternative New Zealand flag for several years, it’s obviously the one that I had at hand when the video was shot.

Since then the First Referendum has been held and it’s the Black, White and Blue Silver Fern design which came out as the Preferred Alternative, and that’s the one that will go head-to-head against the current New Zealand flag in the Second Referendum in March 2016. The thing to note about the referendum result was that not only did the Red design win more First Preference votes, but by the end of the second vote count it was still leading the Black-variant by almost 20,000 votes. It was only after the Third and Fourth Preference votes were counted that the Black version came out as the ‘victor’ in the referendum. Click here to see the actual referendum results.

Many New Zealanders, myself included, believe that the results of this first referendum were corrupted by the ‘Red Peak’ fiasco (where a fifth flag contender was added to the referendum at the last moment), and we feel that had this not happened, it’s more than likely that the Red Silver Fern design would have prevailed as the peoples choice. We fully understand that many people voted for the Black version on the back of a wave of patriotism after the All Blacks successful defence of the Rugby World Cup, but we strongly believe that the warm and vibrant Red Silver Fern design is a far better option for a new national flag than the cold and sombre Black version (which at heart is a ‘sports’ version of the design).

To this end we’re calling on all New Zealanders to support the ‘Red Won Campaign’ and on-line petition, to urge the New Zealand Government to take a step back and change the Preferred Alternative flag to the more popular Red design instead of the Black one.

This is a vitally important discussion that needs to be had now, by all New Zealander’s no matter what their flag preference is.

* If you voted for Red in the first Referendum, please support the on-line petition and join the Facebook page

* If you support retaining the current NZ Flag, you should still support the Red Won Campaign because if the unthinkable (to you) happens and we do get a new flag after the Second Referendum, do you really want it to be the Black version which doesn’t use the same red, white and blue colour palette of our existing flag?

* If you voted Black in the first Referendum, are you REALLY sure that you want a cold and dull looking flag? While we fully support the use of the white on black silver fern motif to represent the All Blacks and other Kiwi sportsmen and women, we believe that this should not be our national flag. Please consider changing your allegiance to the more colourful and vibrant option.

If we let the dull and flat Black Silver Fern option become our national flag it will not change again in our lifetime. If you agree with what Red Won are trying to achieve please support the campaign. Red is better!

An Example Of Red Versus Black – Flags On A Busy Background

Below is an example image of the initial four flag options near the New Zealand section of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery at Monte Cassino in Italy… it doesn’t take much to see that on a busy background (as opposed to a clear blue sky), that the black flags don’t quite cut it. The Red Silver Fern design is the only one that really stands out.

Alt Flags

Thanks for bearing with me on this one — please rest assured that we will return to our normal aviation and motorsport blogging from here on it! 🙂

Best Regards,

Allan Udy

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